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MaisonC was built on an old olive grove and the design has preserved the old "restanques" as much as possible so that our B&B fits perfectly into the environment.


The four spacious non-smoking rooms are located on the ground floor and each have individual access and bathroom

The high-quality box spring beds  and blackout curtains ensure a good night's sleep. 

You can completely relax at our spacious swimming pool (11m x 4.5m).

To guarantee the peace and quiet of our guests, we do not accept small children (+16 y).

Private parking is available to leave your car safely.

Since we have a dog ourselves, additional four-legged friends are not allowed. 

Closed bicycle shed.

STARLINK high speed internet. 

Food and drink

Provence is known for a lot of delicious things. To allow our guests to enjoy this as much as possible, we present you a delicious breakfast between 9:30 am and 10 am. 

On the shared terrace on the ground floor you can enjoy a delicious wine, beer, water or soft drink in the refrigerator we stock at reasonable prices (no own drinks - no refrigerator boxes). 

We also provide plates and cutlery for those who want to taste all the delicacies of the region, so that you can enjoy a picnic. 

We have a communal refrigerator where we allow you to keep these delicacies cool in the bottom drawer (the parts drawer), with the exception of your own drinks as previously mentioned.

*E.g. applies in the rooms and shared covered terraceand rokprohibition.

Eten en drinken 

Op het gezamenlijk terras  kan je genieten van een heerlijk drankje in de door ons gevulde koelkast. De prijzen zijn democratische, geen eigen dranken of/en geen frigoboxen. 

We voorzien bordjes en bestek om te picknicken. In de gezamenlijke frigo kan je lekkernijen koel houden (onderste lade).

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